Thursday, August 21, 2014

Monday CQ project

Our Monday sewing club, has decided to do a CQ round robin, as if I haven't enough projects to do now.
Oh well, what is one more pressure.  We are only doing 1 block and each person embellishes a 1/4 of the block.  We chose a hexagon design with the intent to make a hexagon CQ quilt.  However, 1 block does not make a quilt, so I guess we plan to do more round robins this year.

I have to say, piecing the original CQ block is so hard for me - I never end up with the right seam allowance.

Here is the block - it is made entirely with satins.  The colors look better in person, but even if not, when the block is embellished it is amazing how great it all comes together.

Jackman's CQ Round Robin

Jackman's fabric store has a Crazy Quilt club.  The club is really taking shape and we just finished one round robin and are starting another.  We are supposed to have a theme.  I can't seem to name it, but have made the original blocks.  We were to create 6 blocks.  Similar to the CQI round robins, we will pass our blocks and each particpant will embellish a block.  On their return, we will have 6 finished blocks ready to assemble.

Here are my blocks.  I know they are all blue - but still don't know what to call the theme.

Victorian House

A quilting friend found "In the Beginning" a book by Sharon Evans Yenter at a local flea market.  As we always share our finds, I looked through the book and found a wall hanging of a Victorian house.  As a crazy quilter, I decided the Victorian house would make a great CQ project.  The pattern said to stabilize the pieces with fusible.  I did this but think it will be too difficult to embellish - so I plan to remove and back with muslin.

This photo shows it with the fusible.  As you can see, the flowers on the right are a piece of floral fabric.  I may remove this and embellish instead.  Also, I don't know how to do the windows.  The pattern calls for the windows to be fabric, and of course it will have 4 windows on the right side instead of the one shown.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Trees..Wall Hanging

Several year ago, I took a class by Jane Kennedy on Winter Trees.  The pieced portion is done (photo) and now it is time to fill in with thread art.  Thread art is a new technique for me so one can only guesss how it will turn out.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Round Robbin - Aug Quilt

Attached is the Aug quilt.  The directions were to add 3 color strips.  I chose to add a strip of repeating 3 color strips.  There are 8 people in my group and not one person has interpreted the direction the same.

Round Robbins

One of the quilt guilds I belong to has a Round Robbin.  Attached is the July quilt.
  I added the outside row of squares on point.

Izzy's Saddlebag

Recently I participated in a Judy Niemeyer workshop held by the Thimble & Thread Quilt Guild.
Cappucino was the pattern offered.  Not caring for this pattern, I decided to only make 1 block.   I used fabric that I absolutely hated.  After making the block, the contrast fabric worked perfectly with the hated fabric.  I still would not want to make this quilt, but the block could be used individually in other ways.

I decided to make a saddlebag purse for my granddaughter to carry her school books.  The picture attached shows the finished bag.  The first picture shows front of the purse with the JNiemeyer block on the left.
As you can see, there is great contrast in fabric.  The second picture shows the bag with the flap down.  Here I added Isabelle's initials.