Friday, November 2, 2012

A book - Beyond the Block

At a recent quilt show in Salem, IL I saw a quilt made from the book - Beyond the Block by Crafty ol Broads (Linda Johnson and Jane Wells).   I want to make this quilt so I tried to find the book.   It seems it is out of print so I had my library borrow the book and today it arrived.

After only a short time of thumbing through the pages - I can tell you I can not wait to try my hand at one of these quilts.  Why - because of the way it uses color, strips, blocks, curves, stars & so much more.  If you can - find this book and take a look.  It will spark your creativity.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A New Toy

I have a new toy....A Ladder ..
A Rotarian friend made a ladder to display my quilts at home and at quilt shows.
It was a major success at the Calhoun County Barn Quilt Tour.  In fact, the cameras were snapping and
I heard a lot of "honey do" themes while the patrons oohed and aahed over my toy.

I love it..  In fact, I have my father's old ladder and plan to add it to my home's decor.

What do you think?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finished Bear Claw Quilt

You can not see all of this 104 x 104 quilt as the bed is only a queen size.  The there is a nice border that helps make the quilt. I designed it in EQ7 and it went together without a hitch.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Time to get back to work

It is time to get back to work. Here is a list of a few my UFO's.

I still have my crazy quilt Xmas tree to complete.

Then, there are the 6 or 7 current UFO quilts to complete.  Yes - there are more UFO's but these are on the counter waiting for action.

Just finished piecing and quilting a 104 x 104" bear claw quilt for a customer.  She started this project 10 years ago and now it is done.  Looks great - can't wait for her to see it.  Sorry no photo.

I have a new goal - set up a good spot for photo shots.  This is a must.

ARe there any ideas out there???

Busy Month

It has been an incredibly busy month and it involved 4 quilt shows in Illinois.

WE were in Effingham, DeKalb, Salem and ended in Calhoun County IL.  Yes it is a lot of work, packing, unpacking, packing and unpacking, but so great to meet so many wonderful quilters.  It's thrilling to see how the quilters responded to the challenge of the show.  We saw colors used differently in each location.  Some used brights, others subdued.  Then there were the artistic representations.  There are some really talented quilters out there.  One particular art work used selvage edges.  I am sorry to say my picture did not take - but I can tell you it was outstanding.

We will continue to travel and meet and greet quilters.  Thank you for making us feel welcome, as well as sharing your many talents with us. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Charity Quilts to Angels Arms

If you do not know - quilt guilds around the country make charity quilts to local groups.

At the September meeting of the Thimbles & Threads Quilt Guild (St. Louis), 71 quilts were donated to Angels Arms.  The president of Angels Arms came to receive the quilts and when she learned the number --she choked back the tears.  All she could say was the number was overwhelming.

The guild is lucky to have such giving members and the members are lucky to participate in giving.

There is nothing like giving...whatever you give is returned to you 10 fold.

WAtching the presidents reaction was thrilling.

check out one of the quilts:

Saturday, August 25, 2012

This weeks projects

I am working to participate in several quilt shows in the midwest.

This means I need to get product ready and more quilts ready for display.

Thank goodness for all of those WIP (work in progress) or UFO (unfinished objects) which will help me get ready for these shows.

I will get the photos ready and post soon.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pot Holder Quilt

The Meramec Quilters Guild in St. Louis is a very talented group.  Check out this use of old pot holders - done by Janice.

SMQF Raffle Quilt Winner 2012

The Rotary Club of Webster Groves had to cancel their Show Me Quilt Fest this June, but was able to complete their quilt raffle on June 10 at 4 pm.

Sarah Riss was the proud winner!

Congratulations Sarah.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Civil War Quilt - First Block

First color block set done for Civil War 2012 quilt

Funny Farm quilt

Just finished the main quilt of the Funny Farm quilt pattern by Karen Snyder. 
The pattern used contrasting fabric, as did I. 
The quilt is blue and white and ready for the borde to be attached.

Hope you like the results..  I did.

Crazy Quilting

My Monday sewing group met today.  Only 2 of the 5 are quilters.  One likes to crosstitch, one is a knitter and one is a rug hooker.  Surprising - all but one has their "crazy" block ready to go. 

I received Judy's block today.  She has placed a beautiful commercial decoration on the block.  I can move it on the block or leave it. (Judy worked as an embellisher for an upscale shop in St. Louis.  She embellished gowns for the maids and queens in the Veiled Prophet parade.)  The piece is left over from one of the gowns she worked.

I wonder what I can do.  This is the hardest part of a round robin.  Where do you start?  How do you know what to do? 

Civil War Quilt

The Flower Valley Quilt guild is having a Civil War theme for their July meeting.  Though I am not attracted to the dark colors, usually found, in Civil War quilts, I have decided to make such a quilt.  Above is the fabric collection assembled for this quilt.  The blues, browns, and taupes make a nice visual affect.
The pattern selected is "Cottage Row" by The Teacher's Pet a 56 x 72" quilt which I will make into a twin of 68 x 86. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday Club Block

In January the Monday sewing club started a round robin crazy quilt block.  My block is finally home.  I plan to make it a pillow.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gudron Erla

Gudron Erla was the featured speaker at last nights Hearts N Hands quilt guild meeting.  She gave us a great trunk show.  Wish I could take her classes today, but had other plans.

Loved her quilt designs which are simple but elegant.  I was able to pick up several of her books and patterns.  She made me realize I could design my own quilts using simple strips, blocks, and an occasional applique.

Friday, May 4, 2012

It's all about the ducks

I found this fabric at a local guild's flea market and had to have it.

The result is this cute baby quilt.  I love the ducks and the duck feet. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Book Recommendation

If you like to "Crazy Quilt", I recommend the following: "The Complete Illustrated Stitch Encyclopedia".  The book has a wide variety of stitches with detailed instructions and projects.  The book includes Hardanger, smocking, Bargello, shadow work, needlepoint, pillow covers , textured rugs, footstools, Japanenese stitching  & much more.   The book inspires one to try new things.

I found it at my local library - then ordered it online.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Monday Sewing Club - Xmas Tree Project

The Monday Sewing club has started their next project - a crazy, scrappy Xmas Tree wall hanging.
We found the pattern in a book " Victorian Patchwork & Quilting".   My plan is to sdd a little embellishment every week and hopefully it will be done by the end of November and ready to hang.

After I embellish it, then will add a trunk and background.

It's a Baby Quilt

As quilters, we often find ourselves in need of a quilt for a family member but we do not
know which quilt to make.  This was true for me as well.  A member of my family is having a baby and I needed to make a baby quilt and I decided to use a quilt from this years - Quilt Trends (Spring 2012) - The quilt was called "Elephant March". 

I pulled my kid fabrics and found a variety of fabrics that I thought would work in a baby quilt.
Here it is - what do you think?  Looks like I might get it done before 'he" arrives.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Scavenger Hunt with the Monday sewing club

Yesterday, the Monday sewing club took to the road.  We were in search of items for our crazy quilts and we sure found some great items.  We shopped at the I-55 Antique strip.  We found lace, doilies, fabric, jewelry and watches.  I bought a bag of watches and it became the most exciting buy of the day.    Here are few of the items I bought.

It will be exciting putting these items in a quilt.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Judy's block

Judy's block is home.  I need to say .. Judy is a pro at CQ.  Her background is embellishing high end gowns.  Our work is timid in comparison to her art on the fabric but, we tried hard and will continue to stetch ourselves to grow in this art.

Barb's block - Peacock feather

Here is a close up of a "peacock feather" I added to Barb's block.  I saw it in a magazine and thought it would work.  I was pleased with the results.

Barb's - Crazy Quilt block Mar 2012

Barb's block is done and is now home and she is taling about making a pillow out of her block.  Can not wait to see it done. 

W are already planning our next Crazy Quilt project - a Christmas tree wall hanging.

Monday - sewing club

My Monday sewing group has grown to 5 members.  The group saw myCQI round robin blocks and we decided to do our own round robin.  The next few posts show our progress.

This is my block.  Barb added the fan with beads and my initial.  Dolores added laces and beads.  Charlotte added the beads and some laces.  It is now with Judy and then it will come home.

We are all trying to decide what we are going to do with the finished block.  I think I am going to make a pillow.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scrap Quilt Club - Show & Tell

The Flower Valley Quilt Guild has a scrap club.  Teajuana is our leader and she is the best.
This is my UFO I brought for support and help in selecting a border.
We had a particularly great show and tell this week.Show & Tell 03/24/12

Friday, March 23, 2012

Charity Quilt

Meramec Quilters Guild received an embroidery piece as a donation.  One of our members embroidered the piece.  As you can see, it looked pretty bland.  To spice it up I added the multicolor border and plan to use the same border fabrics in the backing - using each fabric in 10 1/4 inch blocks.

I may use thread art to fill in the umbrellas with a multicolor thread of: green, yellow, pink and lavender.  Will post as soon as it is done.

Another UFO bites the dust

There is something compelling about two color quilts and this blue and white is one of those.

After looking through every quilt magazine and book I own, I can not locate the designer of this quilt, but it is a real beauty.

Show Me Quilt Fest
I may have started this quilt in 2005 - but that is only a guess.  I have donated the quilt to the Show Me Quilt Fest to raffle.  Hope it does well.  I will make this again if I can find the pattern.

UFO - Blazing Star

We all have those UFO's we look at but never seem to finish.  Well, one of my New Year's resolution was to finish as many UFO's as I could by the end of the year.  To date - I have completed 2 of my UFO's, 2 more ready to bind and 3 ready to quilt.  Not a bad start for the New Year.  I won't embarass myself with the number still under construction.

This UFO was a pattern found in "The Quilter"  Sept 2004 "Blazing Star Ensemble" by Margaret A Rouleau.
At the time I started this quilt, sometime in 2004 or 05, I had just stated to quilt.  This quilt was way above my expertise level at the time.  Still, I am pleased with the results and it is on my list to make again.

Hope you enjoy.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Thimble & Threads Quilt Guild

This post is to showcase some beautiful quilts from the Thimble and Thread Quilt Guild in St. Louis.
Sure hope they enter the Show Me Quilt Fest in St. Louis - June 2012   SMQF


Have entered another CQ Round Robin and posted my block today to Japan.  It is always exciting to see what another culture brings to the finished block.  Anyone in the RR always surprise me with their talents and ideas.  It is so much fun.

The block has cotton, silk, satin, velvet, and sateen fabrics.  The small gray section has elephants in the design and was a tie I purchased in India.  I plan to use it as a pillow on my bed.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine Swap

I have just finished my Valentine swap and will post to the receiver on Saturday.
I am very pleased with it and hope sure the receiver likes it too.  When you do a swap or round robin, the stress is doing work that someone else will like.  The center fabric of the this heart is a taupe fabric with beading in the fabric in the design of a tree branch.  Sorry it does not show up real well in this photo.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cute Christmas Wall Hanging

At my Thursday guild, Janice worked on this cute Christmas wall hanging.

Monday, January 9, 2012

From the sane side...

In April, I attended the Hearts n Hand quilt guild.  They were holding a garage sale and I found the cutest duck fabric. I finally pulled out the fabric and chose the "Yellow Brick Road" pattern to make this cute "Ducky Baby Quilt".    I simply love their feet.

Hope you like it too.

Monday Sewing - Crazy Quilt Block

The sewing group met today and all but 1 of the 5 girls had their quilt block ready.  Of course, of the 5 only 2 of us are real quilters.  One is a knitter, one is a rug hooker, and one likes crosstitch.  With that in mind, I suppose it is amazing that only 1 did not have her block.

I received Judy's block - which is above.  What do I do now?  How do you know where to start and what is the right direction to take.  In this case, Judy has added a decorative piece from a previous job.  I can move the piece anywhere on the block.  This is very exciting and yet so scarry.