Thursday, March 29, 2012

Scavenger Hunt with the Monday sewing club

Yesterday, the Monday sewing club took to the road.  We were in search of items for our crazy quilts and we sure found some great items.  We shopped at the I-55 Antique strip.  We found lace, doilies, fabric, jewelry and watches.  I bought a bag of watches and it became the most exciting buy of the day.    Here are few of the items I bought.

It will be exciting putting these items in a quilt.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Judy's block

Judy's block is home.  I need to say .. Judy is a pro at CQ.  Her background is embellishing high end gowns.  Our work is timid in comparison to her art on the fabric but, we tried hard and will continue to stetch ourselves to grow in this art.

Barb's block - Peacock feather

Here is a close up of a "peacock feather" I added to Barb's block.  I saw it in a magazine and thought it would work.  I was pleased with the results.

Barb's - Crazy Quilt block Mar 2012

Barb's block is done and is now home and she is taling about making a pillow out of her block.  Can not wait to see it done. 

W are already planning our next Crazy Quilt project - a Christmas tree wall hanging.

Monday - sewing club

My Monday sewing group has grown to 5 members.  The group saw myCQI round robin blocks and we decided to do our own round robin.  The next few posts show our progress.

This is my block.  Barb added the fan with beads and my initial.  Dolores added laces and beads.  Charlotte added the beads and some laces.  It is now with Judy and then it will come home.

We are all trying to decide what we are going to do with the finished block.  I think I am going to make a pillow.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scrap Quilt Club - Show & Tell

The Flower Valley Quilt Guild has a scrap club.  Teajuana is our leader and she is the best.
This is my UFO I brought for support and help in selecting a border.
We had a particularly great show and tell this week.Show & Tell 03/24/12

Friday, March 23, 2012

Charity Quilt

Meramec Quilters Guild received an embroidery piece as a donation.  One of our members embroidered the piece.  As you can see, it looked pretty bland.  To spice it up I added the multicolor border and plan to use the same border fabrics in the backing - using each fabric in 10 1/4 inch blocks.

I may use thread art to fill in the umbrellas with a multicolor thread of: green, yellow, pink and lavender.  Will post as soon as it is done.

Another UFO bites the dust

There is something compelling about two color quilts and this blue and white is one of those.

After looking through every quilt magazine and book I own, I can not locate the designer of this quilt, but it is a real beauty.

Show Me Quilt Fest
I may have started this quilt in 2005 - but that is only a guess.  I have donated the quilt to the Show Me Quilt Fest to raffle.  Hope it does well.  I will make this again if I can find the pattern.

UFO - Blazing Star

We all have those UFO's we look at but never seem to finish.  Well, one of my New Year's resolution was to finish as many UFO's as I could by the end of the year.  To date - I have completed 2 of my UFO's, 2 more ready to bind and 3 ready to quilt.  Not a bad start for the New Year.  I won't embarass myself with the number still under construction.

This UFO was a pattern found in "The Quilter"  Sept 2004 "Blazing Star Ensemble" by Margaret A Rouleau.
At the time I started this quilt, sometime in 2004 or 05, I had just stated to quilt.  This quilt was way above my expertise level at the time.  Still, I am pleased with the results and it is on my list to make again.

Hope you enjoy.