Tuesday, July 19, 2011

French Braid Tree Skirt

The above is a Xmas tree skirt is in a French braid pattern.  The neckline was done in a deep purple to hold a presence on the quilt.  All that is left to finish this masterpiece is the binding on the neckline. 

The pattern was from the book "French Braid Obsession" by Jane Hardy Miller.  The skirt measures 56" in dia. and only took me a year to complete, not because it was difficult, but because I have a problem with completing one thing before jumping on my next project.

Although, this was my first French braid, it will not be my last.  There will be another tree skirt, a wall hanging, a table runner and I think I will try using the French braid as a border on a Japanese wall hanging, I have started.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

1st Block .. Crazy Quilt - Novice Round Robin

Not sure if anyone is a "crazy quilter", but I decided to give it a try.  Crazy quilting is so out of my comfort zone that my heart races just thinking about it, but I decided I had to give it the full college try.

To start, I joined a Yahoo group known as Crazy Quilters International.  This group has round robins where a group of 5 CQI'rs make a naked block, pass it on in a predetermined rotation, crazy quilt the block and mail it to the next CQ'r to add more embellishments.  After the 5th rotation, the block is returned to it's rightful owner complete with the love and care given by each of the 5 CQ'rs.  This is my naked block.

Friday, my  block was mailed to Australia and then Saturday I received my first naked block to embellish.  OOOHHH, the pressure is so intense.  I can do it..

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Internet quilt groups

I have recently joined another quilt club on the internet.  It is called "stashbusters".  I am not sure my philosophy fits theirs, but, what the hey, I like what they do.

They are a group designed to use their stash and cut down on their buying.  I love my stash and can not wait to buy something new to add to my stash.  Then, again I own an online quilt shop.  So this philosophy does not fit me.  However, they are really encouraging to create and finish a quilt.  They have "cut it out Sunday" "what are you working on" also known as WAYWO and of course, my favorite, "what have you finished". 

I believe there are 4000 members around the world, with great ideas and lots of enthusiasm.

So far, I am loving this group...just not sure about "busting the stash".  Besides, as a quilter is that even possible????