Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Internet quilt groups

I have recently joined another quilt club on the internet.  It is called "stashbusters".  I am not sure my philosophy fits theirs, but, what the hey, I like what they do.

They are a group designed to use their stash and cut down on their buying.  I love my stash and can not wait to buy something new to add to my stash.  Then, again I own an online quilt shop.  So this philosophy does not fit me.  However, they are really encouraging to create and finish a quilt.  They have "cut it out Sunday" "what are you working on" also known as WAYWO and of course, my favorite, "what have you finished". 

I believe there are 4000 members around the world, with great ideas and lots of enthusiasm.

So far, I am loving this group...just not sure about "busting the stash".  Besides, as a quilter is that even possible????

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