Friday, October 14, 2011

The Power of Rotary

If you do not know the Power of Rotary, hopefully, this short note will enlighten you.

Shortly following the earthquake in Japan, I was approached by 2 quilt groups to make quilts for victims of the Japanese earthquake.

I passed the word to a member of the International fellowship of Rotarian Quilters, Diana Barden, who mentioned it at International. The word spread through International and to the ears of a rotarian (whose wife is the editor of Quilters Newsletter, a popular quilting magazine). His wife spread the word through all of the quilting magazines editors.

Today I received a call advising they have collected 4069 Rotarian quilts and do I know how to get the quilts to Japan. Does anyone have any ideas?

The newsletter editor wants the Rotarians in Japan to handout the quilts in Japan

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