Sunday, June 2, 2013

Quilts of Valor

As quilters we are aware of the Quilts of Valor effort through out our quilting community.  Yesterday I witnessed this first hand and it really moved me.

Hearts N Hand Quilt Guild in O'Fallon, IL.had their 2013 show. This year's show featured a "Quilts of Valor" presentation in which 6 servicemen from the area who served in either WWII or the Korean War were honored. Approximately 60 people gathered for the presentation. The youngest man honored was 81. As each recipient walked up and took his quilt, his shoulders went back, he stood tall, and with conviction  stated  he was honored to serve his country.

Amongst cheers, whoops and lots of tears - God Bless the USA was clear and present.

Prior to the presentation, one of the recipients relatives approached the QOV display. She came to advise, her relative was too disabled to attend and wanted to know if there was still a way for him to receive the quilt as it meant a lot to him. Discussion followed and they offered her the quilt to take to the recipient. The woman broke down in sobs and after lots of hugs and tears on our part, she left clutching his quilt.

Pride in the USA was everywhere.  I have not seen that kind of love of country in a long time. 

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